Ams City Bridge
Start Matthew Avenue and Kalum Street

Mary Avenue and Munch Avenue

Continues as Ams City-Drenton Highway

Lenght 0.6mi (1.0km)

The Ams City Bridge, also known as City Bridge is a major bridge crossing in Ams City.

Location Edit

The Ams City Bridge crosses the City River between Downtown Dorlan and Roylen, Ams City. It passes over City Island, the City Island tramway runs directly south to the bridge, terminating on City Island.


The Ams City Bridge carries four lanes of heavy traffic on two sections of the road, the northern-most road carrying traffic to Ams City, the southern-most road carrying traffic from Ams City. The Ams City side of the bridge connects to Kalum Street.

The Ams City bridge is the busiest bridge in the country, with thousands of vehicles passing through everyday.