Ams City International Airport
Location Dorlan, Ams City, Ams
Runways 2

Ams City International Airport, also known as ACIA is an airport located to the east of Dorlan, Ams City. Ams City International Airport is one of the busiest commercial hubs in Ams. 


The airport has 2 runways and 3 terminals. The airport is home to many airlines, the most noticeable airline at the airport is Air Ams. The airport serves flights to hundereds of international locations.


Ams City International Airport started off in 1935 as 'Ams Airfield', the runway was very short and the airport only served military flights at the time.

In 1947, the airfield was turned into an airport for commercial flights and was renamed 'Ams City Airport'.

In 1969, the airport was renamed 'Ams City International Airport' because it served many international destinations.

Terminal 1Edit

Terminal 1 opened on 1 March 1969, Terminal 1 served inter-continental flights when it first opened, as well as other international flights. 

Terminal 2Edit

Terminal 2 opened on 7 April 1977, Terminal 2 was home to long-haul and trans-atlantic flights before Terminal 3 opened. Terminal 2 contains many stores and café's. Nowadays, Terminal 2 is the flight hub for European and Oceanic flights, the terminal also serves very few flights from America and Asia. Terminal 2 was once the busiest terminal. Terminal 2 is set to merge with Terminal 3 by January 2018.

Terminal 3Edit

Terminal 3 opened on 4 July 2006, Terminal 3 is the newest terminal at the airport. The terminal mainly serves trans-atlantic flights and flights from Asia, Oceania and Africa. Terminal 3 is the main hub for Emirates flights in Ams. American Airlines and British Airways also share a flight hub at the terminal. Terminal 2 is set to merge with Terminal 3 by January 2018, making it easier to find flights and navigate around the airport. 

Current terminal assignmentsEdit

Terminal 1

Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, Finnair

Terminal 2 Qantas, Qatar Airways, Delta
Terminal 3 Air Ams, American Airlines, British Airways
  • Air Ams flights to and from Cape Town, Denver, Miami and Vancouver will be moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 on 9 December 2015

Busiest routesEdit

Busiest international routes of 2016

Rank Airport Change 2015/2016 %
1 New York JFK +1.9%
2 London Heathrow +0.5%
3 Los Angeles +0.4%
4 Dublin  -0.2%
5 Amsterdam -0.5%
6 Madrid +1.1%
7 Paris Charles de Gualle -2.1%
8 Frankfurt -1.8%
9 Chicago O'Hare -1.7%
10 Munich +0.8%
11 Sydney +0.2%


13 Singapore +0.3%
14 Stockholm Arlanda -0.9%
15 Barcelona -2.1%
16 Lisbon +2.7%
17 Miami +0.3%
18 Rome Fiumicino +0.8%
19 Copenhagen -1.3%
20 Miami +1.9%



  • Ams City Metro: The Dorlan Line runs through Ams City International Airport, providing quick and easy arrivals and departures to and from the airport.

Bus and coachEdit

  • Long distance coaches from Venica and Southbeach via Ams Coaches and Amsish Coach Express, drop off available at bus terminus opposite main airport building
  • A1 route from Timeson Junction straight to bus terminus at airport, quick and easy access to airport.
  • Most buses running the Ams City-Dorlan route on Ams City Transport Authority buses


  • Taxi drop-off available outside all terminals and at airport car park


  • The airport is available via the M1 highway system, there are drop off points at the car parking areas and a short drop-off point at the taxi drop-off area outside the main airport building.

Accidents and incidentsEdit

  • On 4 August 1949, a Cessna 140 crashed head-on into the runway, killing all 2 people on board.
  • On 12 May 1951, a BEA Vickers Viking crashed into the runway of Ams City Airport, killing all 3 crew and 14 passengers.
  • On 28 December 1957, an Auster A8 Agricola crash landed at Ams City Airport in heavy snow, killing 1 person on board.
  • On 3 May 1959, an unknown aircraft crashed into barriers at the end of the runway, killing all 3 onboard.
  • On 12 April, 1964, a BEA Vickers Viscount G-AMOK crashed into the runway at Ams City Airport, all 15 passengers were unharmed.
  • On 2 March 1969, an American Airlines Boeing 727 crash landed at Ams City International Airport after both engines failed. 7 passengers were injured, all other 63 passengers remained unharmed.
  • On 1 November 1976, a BEA HS 121 Trident missed the runway and crashed into the water at the end of the runway, 79 passengers were left with minor injuries, 6 with serious.
  • On 16 October 1985, a Hawker 400 made an emergency landing at Ams City International Airport after one engine failed, no one out of the 9 onboard were hurt.
  • On 4 Feburary 1997, an Air Ams Airbus A340-300 declared an emergency landing at Ams City International Airport after the landing gear failed to fully open, everyone onboard survived
  • On 2 December 2010, a British Airways Boeing 777 flying from Hong Kong crash landed at Ams City International Airport after an engine malfunction, the aircraft came to a stop at the runway safety area. 9 people onboard were left with minor injuries.

Terrorism and security incidentsEdit

  • On 2 September 2005, 38 year old Aron Stinger drove around the permiter of the airport runway, this caused many flights to be cancelled or moved to another runway. The man was caught and arrested after he gave up after 18 minutes of circling around the runway. A sword was found in his car.
  • On 11 September 2011, 44 year old Moham Zazir pulled a knife on a security guard at an airport security checkpoint. He was tackled to the floor and arrested.

Other incidentsEdit

  • Flights from Ams City International Airport were suspended from 14:00 Thursday 15 April 2010 to 20:00 20 April 2010 due to risk of jet engines being damaged by volcanic ash in higher atmosphere caused by the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland.
  • On 07:00 18 December 2010 to 08:00 19 December 2010, the whole airport was closed due to heavy snowfall and ice on the runway. It was deemed dangerous to take off, fly and land in such conditions.
  • On 9 September 2014, a small private jet caught fire at its stand shortly after the engines were started. 4 fire engines and 2 ambulances responded to the scene. The cause was believed to be a small engine malfunction.

Other and planned projectsEdit


Underground trams between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 with a stop in Terminal 2, free to use, a 'TermiLink' tram completes circle in 3 minutes. 3 trams run on the circular line. Trams run at 30km/h. Each tram contains seating for 12 people and standing area for 4 people.

Another circular line due to be completed by January 2016 to reduce waiting times for another 'TerminLink' tram.