Ams City Transport Authority

The Ams City Transport Authority operates bus, metro and tram services around the city of Ams City. 


All metro stations except stations in Ams City are overground, there is only one overground station in Ams City borough, the rest are underground. ACT also runs a bus service with stops every few minutes.

ACT RailEdit

ACT Rail is a heavy rail rapid transit system that serves a large portion of the city. With 26 stops and 8 routes, it is the largest city-rail route in the country. The system is operated by ACT (Ams City Transport Authority). About 65% of the network is underground, with the remaining 35% overground. The busiest station is Timeson Station, attracting thousands of transit users each year. Tickets can be purchased online or at the station. Tickets purchased online will require the transit user to enter a 12 digit code at a ticket machine in the station, tickets can be bought at the station at the ticket machines with cash, card or using an ACTMetro Card for a discounted price. The transit user will receive a paper ticket from the machine no matter how they pay and they'll be required to place it over the ticket scanner at the turnstiles or gates. If the transit user pays by Metro Card, the user of the transit will just have to scan their card at the ticket scanner if they chose to top up the card instead of getting a ticket. 

Metro LinesEdit

The metro has 4 main lines in pairs:

  • The Ams City Inner Line (Routes K1 and C1) + Botnon Line (Routes E1 and B1)
  • The Ams City Outer Line (Routes A1 and J1) + Dorlan Line (Routes 8A and 3A)

These four lines serve all boroughs of Ams City except Weston

Ams City Outer LineEdit

  • Route A1 trains run clockwise
  • Route J1 trains run anti-clockwise
  • At Eastlie, Route J1 trains become 3A for the Dorlan Line
  • At Mango East, Route A1 trains become 8A for the Dorlan Line

Dorlan LineEdit

  •  Route 8A trains run clockwise in Dorlan, anti-clockwise in Drenton
  • Route 3A trains run anti-clockwise in Dorlan, clockwise in Drenton
  • At Eastlie, Route 8A trains become Route A1 for the Ams City Outer Line
  • At Mango East, Route 3A trains become Route J1 for the Ams City Outer Line

Ams City Inner LineEdit

  • Route K1 trains run clockwise
  • Route C1 trains run anti-clockwise
  • At Tuna High, Route K1 trains become E1 for the Botnon Line
  • At Tuna Low, Route C1 trains become Route B1 for the Botnon Line

Botnon LineEdit

  • Route E1 trains run clockwise
  • Route B1 trains run anti-clockwise
  • At Tuna High, Route E1 trains become Route K1 for the Ams City Inner Line
  • At Tuna Low, Route B1 trains become Route C1 for the Ams City Inner Line

ACT BusEdit

ACT Bus is a bus transit system that serves all boroughs of Ams City. The service is operated by Ams City Transport Authority. Tickets can be purchased online, at the station or on-board using ACTMetro Card or cash and coins. ACT will stop accepting cash and coins onboard on 1 October 2015 on all buses except the Ams City-Airport service, where cash and coins will be continued to be accepted until 1 Feburary 2016. ACT has taken this measure to stop robbers and fraudsters. Transit users will have to get an ACTMetro Card and top it up, online or at a bus station. Users of the bus service will be able to use debit and credit card and tickets bought online or at the station. By 2025, ACT plans to make ACTMetro Card and debit card payment the only available methods of payment, part of the ACTModern plan. 

ACT's most popular route is the Timeson Junction-Airport-Dorlan Bus Station route, which only costs €5.