Aircraft at Ams City Intl., Dorlan

Broker bridge

Dorlan Bridge


A Dorlan neighbourhood





Ams City County

Ams City

Founded 1701 A.D.


Borough Leader

Borough (Ams City)

Eric Stale

Area 45km squared
Population 419,035

Postal Codes

Area Codes

DN1, DN2, DN3

0202, 0203

Demonym Dorlanian

Dorlan is one of the five boroughs of Ams City. It is also the third largest next to Weston and Ams City.


Dorlan contains roughly 14-15 out of the city's 68 neighbourhoods, while its population is the third highest in the city.

Dorlan is known for its large residential areas and least amount of crime in the country, it was voted for safest city in Ams in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2013 and 2014. 

Dorlan and Drenton share an island, leading to confusion by some by some tourists and travellers.

Dorlan's central business district is the Downtown neighbourhood, which is a business district beside Marksman Park with tall buildings and a large population. 

In eastern Dorlan neighbourhoods such as Scottel there are many gangs and on-going drug market, however crime in the area is at an all-time-low after multiple police stings and drug busts.

Southern areas of Dorlan house a population of ethnic minoritys and a large residential area. 

Much of western Dorlan consists of residential neighbourhoods and a small amount of ethnic minoritys.


Dorlan has a very large diversity in the characters of various districts. The western districts are generally industrial and gritty, for example Dorlan Docks. In other districts such as Marksman, Berwood and Fylee, a diverse upper and lower middle-class population of immigrants, nationals, working-class and businesspeople reside.

There are also districts with their own individual ethnic minoritys: Mainland Europeans and Eastern Europeans: Dorlan Beach; African and Southern Europeans: Fylee and Scottel; Jamaican and Latin American: Western Fylee and Berwood

Some districts also offer areas with importan uses, such as a business district and urban centre: Downtown Dorlan, Entertainment: Fylee Island and a safe area of Ams City's middle and upper-class residents, Southgate.

Places of Interest in DorlanEdit

  • Dorlan Bridge
  • Dorlan Docks
  • Clown Park
  • Marksman Park
  • Victoria Roundabout

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Gerry Geeks
  • Elna Trozo
  • Roy Stokes
  • Emma Stokes
  • Kenny Jason
  • Anna Aimton
  • Michael Noreta
  • Michelle Eveling
  • Carmel Gravestone
  • Erin Knople
  • Jacob Arson
  • Alex Ball
  • Morego James
  • Al Silvers
  • Christine Walsh
  • Kirsty Christ
  • Emma Yorkson
  • Merc Niville
  • Jimmy-Andrew-Patrickson Noble

Gangs Edit

Ruffles - Fylee and Dorlan Beach 

Redstones - East Fylee and Scottel 

Major gang activity between 1975 and 1983, both gangs lost dozens of members after a firefight at Scottel Station on 5 March 1983 after the deaths of main gang leaders.

Businesses in DorlanEdit

  • McDonalds
  • Wash and Scrub
  • Europa Bar
  • City Cab Service
  • Green Café
  • Fylee Bowling
  • Perko Theatre
  • Marksman Car Repairs
  • Fylee Clothing
  • Independence Diner
  • Star Internet Café


  • Southgate
  • Berwood
  • Dorlan Docks
  • Downtown Dorlan
  • Hookley
  • Fylee Island
  • Fylee
  • Dorlan Beach
  • Marksman
  • Elephant Heights
  • Fish Hill
  • Scottel