Heartstown Transportation Authority

The Heartstown Transportation Authority is the public transportation operating agency for Heartstown, formed in 1990, merging out of Heartstown County Travel Authority. 

Heartstown Transportation Authority operates bus and light rail services. 


Heartstown Transportation Authority operates bus and light rail services. The bus service was branded as the most reliable bus service in the country in 2006 and 2011. The light rail service was branded as the best rail service in the country in 2014 with all services running on time or within 30 seconds of scheduled time.

HTA BusesEdit

The HTA bus system runs throughout Heartstown City and in to the north of the county, services run usually in the centre of the city and around the airport. HTA Buses' slogan is 'Fast, cheap and reliable'. The HTA bus service runs 24/7.

HTA RailEdit

HTA Rail services run through many neighbourhoods of the city of Heartstown. The rail system runs underground and overground with 11 stations. Siemens P2000 cars have been used on the rail service for many years. 

On average, it takes 58 minutes to complete a ride around the whole HTA Rail line. 


  • Avis Station - Car Avenue, Avis
  • Millton South Station - Abra Street, Milton Hill
  • Koron Station - San Francisco Avenue, Koron
  • Perry Station - Exchange Street, Perry
  • Episode Drive Station - Episode Drive, Waterford Hills
  • Venton Station - Lela Boulevard, Venton
  • Milton North Station - Downtown Heartstown (currently under construction)
  • Raspberry Station - London Freeway and Raspberry Avenue, Raspberry
  • Rico Station - Elvis Boulevard, Koron
  • HIA Car Park Station - Heartstown International Airport car-park
  • HIA Terminal 4 Station - Ring Way, Heartstown International Airport


Fare Type Regular
Base Fare

Over 65: €0.50

18+: €2.20

11-18: €1.80

Under 11: Free


Over 65: €2.50

18+: €6.00

Under 18: €4.90


18+: €80

Under 18: €65

Zone Charge (one zone) €1.00
City2Airport (Bus Centre to Airport Terminal 1 only)

12+: €5.00

Under 12: €2.50

Fare Type Peak Off-Peak
Single Adult/Child €1.50/€1.00 €1.20/€0.90
Day Anytime Adult/Child €4.00/€3.50 €4.00/€3.50
30 Day €125.50 -
Year  €1,050.50 -
  • Single fare charged for each stop
    • Peak times between 6am and 10am, then 4pm and 6:30pm