Work Started

Ams City Intl. Airport - 2011

Heartstown Intl. Airport - 2016 (planned)

Completed by

Ams City Intl. Airport - 2018 (planned)

Heartstown Intl. Airport - ???


Heartstown Transport Authority

Ams City Transport Authority

Operating Cars

12 (ACIA)

10 (HIA) (when opened)

Car Speed 30km/h

TermiLink is a project operated by Heartstown Transport Authority and Ams City Transport Authority, bringing fast links between airport terminals across Ams. At Ams City Intl. Airport, work on the transport system started in 2011 and was completed in 2013, it was announced in 2015 that an extra tram line would be set to be completed by 2018, bringing the work to an end. 

At Heartstown International Airport, work is set to start in mid 2016 for a link between Terminal 1 and 4. The same trams will run however the service will be operated by Heartstown Transport Authority.