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Broadlee, Fish Avenue, Harold Street, Spoon Street
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"Whether you like shopping, grabbing a meal to eat or meeting up with friends, Timeson Junction is the place to go with hundereds of top shops and much more!" - 'Visit Ams City Guidebook, January 2011'

Timeson Junction is a district in the borough of Ams City in Ams City. Timeson Junction is a major commercial district situated in central Ams City. Approximately 50,000 people pass through Timeson Junction everyday, most of which who are tourists. Timeson Junction is bordered by Broadlee, Fish Avenue, Harold Street and Spoon Street. North of Timeson Junction is City Park, which is also a busy tourist attraction. Timeson Junction is home to World Bus Station where buses can be picked up 24/7.

Since 1977, Timeson Junction became the site of the annual New Year's fireworks display, previously the display was on the Dorlan Bridge, however every New Year since, 1981, fireworks were let off on Dorlan Bridge due to complaints by Dorlan residents not receiving 'anything big for New Year'.


In the early 1901, Timeson Junction was founded by mayor, Eric Timeson, Eric planned to create a commercial success in the new district.

In 1903, hundereds of homes were demolished to make way for the new district, residents were relocated to northern Dorlan. Shortly after, the first store on Timeson Junction, Bombomaton, opened for business, the store was relocated to south of the square in 1979.

In 1909, many more stores had been opened and the district had earned the city a fortune over the 8 years since opening.

In 1915, hotels and apartment buildings were under construction in hope to attract foreign travellers and to gain even more cash from the district. 

In 1919, Timeson Junction had become home to the country's theatres and music halls, the district quickly became the most favourite and most popular district in the capital.

Throughtout the 1920's, Timeson Junction streets were ran down with prostitution and gambling, one of the capital's most violent gangs also formed an office building in the district. The violent gang, The Anton's, leader, Marcus Anton and co-leader, Eliot Anton were arrested and later executed, the story garnered huge attention and prompted for shut down of prostitution, gambling and criminal rings in the district.

In the 1960's, the general overall atmosphere of the district had changed, skyscrapers started to rule over the district's area and many businesses attracted more and more customers. The overall crime rate had dropped, with prostituion and gambling at an all-time low.

In the late 1970's and the early 1980's, dealing of crack cocaine became widely available in the district, dealers were even selling cocaine in toilets of fast-food stores and the changing rooms of clothing stores. As the 1980's went on, dealing of crack cocaine lost it's popularity however, was still a main figure of the district. Many bars and adult stores were opened in the late 80's and the crime rate was at an all time low, once again. However, the commercial boom started, prompting opening of many theatres, cinemas and comedy theatres.

In the 1990's, Timeson Junction became the centre of businesses such as Jet, Mediason and ATV. International businesses also became very popular in the district. The 1990's was deemed the best decade in the district by many due to the commercial success and the stand-out of the district. 

In 1991, the ATV Tower digital billboards were switched on after the completion of installment, the billboards notably displayed ads for Coca Cola, Toshiba, Mediason and many more, it also displayed the time and breaking news updates.

In 1994, the first digital billboards on business buildings switched on, the billboards were a few of the largest in the world at the time.

The mid-90's was a rough time for Timeson Junction, let alone Ams as a whole, due to the frequent terrorist attacks and threats, however, nothing stopped shoppers and there was no major terrorist attack on the ground, targeting shoppers.

In 1999, more than 1,000,000 people visited Timeson Junction to watch the '2K Fireworks Display', the event lasted from 11pm until 12:30am and featured music and drinks from 11pm until 11:55pm, then the big millennium countdown at 11:59pm, at 12am, millions cheered on the new millennium and the firework show began, the show lasted for 5 minutes before finishing off with music coming from the loud stereos situated around Timeson Junction and even a live performance.

In 2003, a small bomb attached to the bottom of a bus detonated, killing 1 and injuring 8 others. After the attack, security was increased to watch out for any suspicious activity.

In 2006, the city held the first 'Summer Dance Off' which was held on 1st July at 1pm and lasted for 30 minutes, it attracted 13,000 people who danced to show off skills to Timeson Junction and try and raise money for cancer, the largest yet was the 2010 'Summer Dance Off' which attracted 33,500 visitors.

Places of InterestEdit

  • One Timeson
  • ATV Tower, features billboards, office building with apartments at middle floors of the building.
  • Timeson Tower, features billboards, a few offices inside
  • Box Square, features ancient statue
  • ACPD Station, located in central Timeson, it is a small station for quick response around the Timeson area
  • Services Recruiting Centre, north of ACPD Station, recruits people wanting to join the police, fire service, army and many more services
  • Timeson Hotel, five star hotel
  • Stock Building, features stock ticker and news ticker, partially owned by ATV
  • Eclipse Hotel, 4 star hotel
  • Hotel Relax, 4 star hotel featuring paintings of celebrity's upon entering
  • Jet Building, featuring Jet office building and a Starbucks café
  • Elton Suites, features complex guest rooms and a spa, the Bird Cinema and Live Theatre is integrated into the building
  • Velcro Building, features a live-theatre named Velcro Theatre and a popular location for venues
  • Timeson Central Building, featuring a curvy LCD display, tickers and housing a KFC and a Costa Coffee café
  • Media Tower, a building featuring an MTV office on 2nd floor, recording studios and complex rooms, features a large spinning LP on the side, which plays music to travellers who walk past the building.
  • Exchange Building, features stock ticker and stock exchange inside
  • International Centre, features Mediason Building, offices for Mediason employees and a call centre, Travel Building, advise for tourists and help, Timeson Live Building, music theatre and acting hall and, Sweet Building, features offices of perfume and makeup companies
  • Daily News Tower, features offices of not only Daily News but other magazines and newspapers
  • Entertainee, also known as Entertainee Cinema, small cinema showing a variety of movies
  • Mel Brooks Theatre, features live performances
  • ATV Theatre, features theatre with small cinema
  • Tether Building, features Burger King at lowest floor
  • Standards Hotel, also known as 'The High Hotel', 5 star hotel
  • City Park Building, features Atlantic Hotel, a 4 star hotel and located on same block as Standards Hotel
  • Century Centre, public court yard with office towers


  • 7/11
  • Clarks
  • Bank of Ams
  • Costa Coffee
  • Department Department
  • McDonalds
  • TasteDelite
  • Eclipse Hotel
  • Say
  • WaitThenSkate
  • Precious Jewels
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Standards Hotel
  • Moroccan Filler
  • National Amsish Bank
  • Flash Jewels
  • Hotel Relax
  • ATV
  • Canon
  • Blue Sports
  • Timeson Live
  • Mel Brooks Theatre
  • Atlantic Hotel
  • Max Factor
  • MTV Ams
  • George's Pharmacy
  • Subway
  • KwikPILL
  • Domino's
  • GetFit Gyms
  • Bartony Glasses
  • Bird Cinema and Live Theatre's
  • Velcro Theatre
  • Very Funny Comedy 
  • Timeson Hotel
  • Starbucks
  • Mama's Itallian
  • Burger King

Transport Edit

There are two metro stations, Timeson Station and Elvis Station.

Timeson Station is the biggest rail station in the country.